AAVA Dominicana Foundation


Chaired by:

Celeste Seligmann

The status of AAVA Dominicana declare:

As the artistic exchanges should improve and intensify, to and from the Dominican Republic; While the Dominican art, mainly in the area of research deserves to be showcased to the European Community and other regions of the world; Whereas, among the main themes to consider and address, are the borders as obstacles to communication; taking into account that the Dominican artists and of other nationalities or origins, Caribbean artists in particular, lack access to facilities and support for their work:

Therefore, this foundation is created.

Tracing from the past, emphasizing in the future dreamed every day by artists, to reinvent the world. Hunters of cultural boundaries, art surpasses all borders, territorial and mental. Project into a basic study the idea of boundaries … boundaries, all that separates humans sublimated materialized and the deep desire for peace in the world!

It is without doubt that art is the best way … the best weapon.


  • Create bridges of friendship, encourage, assist and support the exchanges and artistic and cultural research between the Dominican Republic and other parts of the world, especially the European Community, in particular in France, Spain, Italy, England, Germany and Switzerland.


  • Promote and organize conferences, courses, seminars, forums, round tables, exhibitions and other artistic, educational and cultural events that match the philosophy of “AAVA  Dominicana Foundation”.